Certificate of Insurance Tracking Solutions

A Trusted Addition to Your Department's Organization

Reduce risk. Manage Compliance. Cut administrative cost. Save time.

Certificate of insurance tracking is an important process for any organization that works with contractors, subcontractors, tenants, suppliers or vendors .

ASU has been in the insurance industry since 1952 and our expertise is built into everything we do. We currently support clients from insurance carriers to municipalities to self-insureds – we understand the importance of monitoring this aspect of your business.

As a web-based process created by our staff, there’s no installation process, no software downloads and no hardware or maintenance.

Our solution provides easy access to your certificates and compliance reports through our client portal – regardless of your location – 24/7.

ASU can help streamline the management of your Certificates of Insurance (COI) and in the process, minimize the risk to your organization.

We offer a variety of flexible service options. And we work with each client to design and develop a customized plan to ensure that your specific needs are met.

Our team can perform the functions you need, including:

Follow up for endorsements and renewals

ASU Group’s insurance industry expertise allows us to provide comprehensive COI tracking solutions, including ensuring proper endorsements and requesting renewals before they expire, so you can rest at ease knowing your paperwork is under control.

Audit incoming certificates

Effective COI tracking requires identifying possible exposures and incorporating those exposures into policies to mitigate risk and contain costs in the long term. At ASU Group, our COI experts provide audit services of incoming certificates to ensure proper coverage.

Monitor compliance

At ASU Group, we offer flexible service options, customized to the unique needs of each individual client. No matter your internal and external compliance requirements, we have the tools needed to monitor and maintain COI compliance.

Web services

Our Certificate of Insurance tracking services help you to improve efficiency while reducing administration costs. We utilize a web-based process, making monitoring, accessing and storing documents simple. No installation, software downloads, hardware or maintenance required.

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