New Year's Letter Clients

January 5, 2009
Dear Valued Client,
A quote about New Years Eve to start the year:“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. Apessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.” ~Bill Vaughan
As we say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009, it’s hard not to embrace the pessimistwith a hearty good riddance to 2008 and all its tumult - volatile markets, poor economicperformance on the global level, and the seemingly endless political rhetoric of anelection year. Yes, it’s easy to turn our backs on 2008 and instead give you someinsight as to what to expect from ASU this year.
Now while the realities of the current world-wide economic climate will certainly temperthe collective enthusiasm of all businesses for the near future, the ASU Group is stilllooking forward to 2009 and our continuing efforts to improve the cost-effectiveness ofour operations. It is through our streamlining and investments that we gain efficienciesand maintain our ability to keep your claim costs as low as possible.
A visible example of this that just occurred includes our website ( you haven’t already, the next time you visit our site, you’ll see it has been completelyrevamped to give you:• A more efficient way to navigate menus to get you to the information youneed faster• An updated and more intuitive look and feel• A redesigned first notice of loss forms• And a log - on to our online claim application suite and advanced clientservices
Then, coming later in the year we are working on completing this upgrade with improvedportal access to the ASU ProVision suite of online claim applications including:• Claims query tools• Claims reporting tools• Claims status tools• Claims management tools
Of course we can still be reached as follows:ALL MAIL2120 University Park DrPO Box 77Okemos, MI 48805-0077
RISK MANAGEMENT800.968.3767 Toll-Free517.349.9063
MEDICAL REVIEW800-968-7858 Toll-Free517-349-1332
CASE MANAGEMENT800.968.2417 Toll-Free517.349.1410
FIELD ADJUSTING866.633.0004 Toll-Free866.490.0001
CATASTROPHE ADJUSTING800.820.8006 Toll-Free517.347.0223
So throughout 2009 while being realistic, we are also optimistic that we will be able tobring you more news about our services and continued efforts to serve you.We are thankful for the business you have given us and for our ability to assist you withthe needs you have entrusted our company to handle. We will continue to bring you thestrength of a big company with our systems and financial resources while maintainingthe heart, flexibility and employee ownership values of a small company you expectfrom us.
Happy New Year and thank you for your trust.
The Management Team of ASU Group:
Bradley T. Rutgers, SCLA - Director, Risk ManagementCheryl Hendrixson, BSN, RN - Director, Case Management ServicesDebbie Claeys - Director, Medical Review Svcs, Risk Mgt Tech Data & Support SvcsFred Jernigan - Vice President, Operations - Field & Catastrophe Adjusting
If you'd like to receive future news from the ASU Group via e-mail, just let us know